The Pantera Place
"Your de Tomaso Connection" 

1959-60 de Tomaso Isis Formula Junior  

By Mark Drastal

The photos show chassis #8 in various stages of repair and re assembly.  November 2010 thru March 2011.

1. 1100cc Fiat engine with two twin choke Weber DCOA3 carbs, 4-speed transaxle

2. #8 of a total eight cars built.

3. Aluminum body over tube frame

4. 15” magnesium Amadori wheels

Wheel bolts (not studs) were made by hand on a lathe.  The bolts are not true and wobble as they are inserted!

The 4-speed transaxle is upside down, so the gear pattern is reversed and upside down; so, first gear is where 4th should be, 2nd gear where 3rd should be and so on.  First gear is non-syncro, the others are synchronized.  The shifter is on the driver’s right.