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Battery Relocation

By Ken Green

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Relocating the battery can add valuable and usable space to the front trunk. There is just room between the bulkhead and steering rack chassis brace for the battery I used.   I had a box built that the battery squeezes into, but with a gap on the passenger side for the positive cable.  You can run the positive cable through the hole in the bulkhead for the AC condensation drain, and re-route the drain.  I cut and then ground the back edge to the bulkhead, and cut/ground a tab on the bulkhead for the brake and clutch lines which have to be re-routed.  Then I carefully enlarged the hole to fit the box. I had to slightly cut into the rack brace, maybe 1/8 inch, to make room for the box.

If I was starting from scratch, I think I would cut the sides and front of the hole undersized and bend the metal 180 degrees to strengthen the edges of the hole.