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VIN Shield

By Mike Dailey

In this crazy world we live in nowadays having your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) displayed publically could provide opportunities for unsavory people.  

Back in 2009 when I got my new Mustang GT I noticed it had its VIN number displayed through the windshield and I made a black paper card that slips behind the windshield and covers the VIN window.  I'm not sure when manufacturers started placing VIN numbers so they were viewable through the windshield.  Other than my Pantera, my 2007 Mustang GT was the first car that I noticed the change.    

For the Pantera I made a clip from thin aluminum flashing that hides the all digits before the last four digits that everyone in the Pantera community uses to ID cars.  The shield easily slips off and on.    

View of the shield

Note:  At least one state that I know of has a law that requires that the VIN be viewable from outside of the vehicle.