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Pantera Electrical Diagrams

Diagrams By Bill Taylor

The electrical diagrams on this page were researched and drawn by Bill Taylor and they show the detail of one electrical system at a time.  The drawings do not replace the large single electrical diagrams available from the club stores and vendors, they work in conjunction with the large diagram. 

All information and images on this "Pantera Electrical Diagrams" website page are the property of The Pantera Place and Bill Taylor.  The information presented on The Pantera Place website is intended for the use of individuals to learn about the Pantera and not for commercial use or sale   Any use or reproduction of the information presented on this  Pantera Place website page outside of this scope of use must be authorized by The Pantera Place and Bill Taylor.  

The diagrams are in Acrobat Reader .pdf format for development, exchange, and downloading purposes. Left click link to view with Adobe Acrobat if you have it installed on your computer or right click and click "save target as" to download the pdf. file to your computer.  They take a minute or so to download, so be patient. 

After downloading they should be rotated using the Acrobat Reader toolbar. They may be printed by selecting the Acrobat Reader Printer Icon and then selecting Landscape on the Properties Menu. I think you will find the image quality is very good. They are scaled to fit 8.5 x 11 paper so they can be collected in a loose leaf binder. 

Many thanks to Bill Taylor for all the time he spent researching and making these drawings and then sharing his work with our Pantera Place visitors. 

Click to get a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.  

Depending on the browser used, you may need to right click and "save as" to open the diagrams.  


Air Conditioning 

Air Conditioning and Heating Blower Motor Air Conditioning Electrical System (Early) Condenser fan time delay drop out modification    
Air Conditioning Electrical System (Early)
Air Conditioning Electrical System (Late)


Battery Charge System

Battery Charge System Battery Charge Description
Battery buss


Brake Lamps and Warnings 

Buzzer And Relays

Relays and Warning Buzzers Wiring (Late)


Doors, Headlamps and Illumination

Door and Interior Courtesy Lights Back-up Lamps and Switch
Headlamps and doors (page one) 

Headlight Door Circuit 

Headlamps and doors (page two)



Engine Start Oil Pressure Gauge and Sender
Engine run (early) Water Temperature Gauge and Sender

Engine run (late) 

Key In Ignition Warning Buzzer
Ignition Switch Run Bus Ignition Switch Accessories Bus 
Starter Interlock and Override



Fuse 1 and 2  Fuse 8
Fuse 3 and 4 Fuse 10

Fuse 5 and 6

Fuse 11 and 12 

Fuse 7 and 9

Fuse 13 and 14

Fuel Gauge and Sender

Fuel Gauge and Sender


Instruments, Switches and Illumination

Instrument Illumination Cigar Lighter
Controls Illumination Diagram Horns and Horn Switch
Console Gauge and Switch Diagram How to remove the wiper switch (PDF)



Parking, Tail and Side Marker Lights


Power Windows and Switches  Power Distribution 



Radiator Fans, Fan Relays, and Thermostats (Late)
Cooling Fan Engine Run-on


Turn Signal 

Turn Signal and hazard warning electrical diagram (very early) Turn Signal Conversion #1 (very early) 
Turn Signal and hazard warning electrical diagram (early)

Turn Signal Conversion #2 (very early)

Turn Signal and hazard warning electrical diagram (late)

Turn Signal Flasher Conversion notes: 

#1 converts from the old 4 wire flasher to a standard 3 wire flasher by just moving wires. This version, however, can not support flashing the turn indicator in the tach.

 #2 conversion adds a relay to conversion #1 to support flashing the turn indicator in the tach.

 The conversions can be done in sequence to make life a little easier.




Windshield Wipers and Washer - Early
Windshield Wipers and Washer - Late

Full Size Diagrams

The following drawings were originally collected from various sources by Asa Jay Laughton, who scanned and spent many hours cleaning up and detailing them.  After Asa Jay did the work to improve the readability he made them available through the POCA club store in PDF format.  In May of 2007 Chris Difani did many more hours of clean up work on them and converted them to JPG format.   Many thanks to Asa Jay Laughton, the POCA club and Chris Difani for sharing their work with our Pantera Place visitors.    

Pantera - late L Model  3.4 meg
Pantera - early  L Model  2.7 meg
Pantera - late Pre-L Model  2.6 meg
Pantera - early Pre-L Model  2.4 meg

To use these files save them to your computer by "right clicking" on the link and then doing "Save Target As".  You can view and print the files with most image viewers.  

You can have these JPG files printed at your local Staples or Kinko's copy center, in 24" by 36", or 36" by 48" size. You must take the JPG files to the store, as that's the only format they use. You can also get these laminated at the typical price of $2 per square foot (for example: 36" by 48" equals 12 sq ft or $24).

A good way to transport the files is to copy them to a USB thumb drive or flash drive of some kind, and take that to the Staples or Kinko's copy center.  Ask them to plot to a large format output, as a black and white image. That should be all they need in terms of instructions from you.

These wiring diagrams are part of a larger package of literature that includes Bill Taylor's drawings (above) that are available from the Pantera Owners Club of America, Club Store  You can view a Sample of the literature at  the Pantera Owners Club of America

Full Size Drawing 1974 Pantera - by Steve Dolan

1974 Pantera PDF File 126kb

Full Size Color Coded Drawing 1974+ Pantera - by Brian Dudley

Brian used this drawing for the wiring on his 1978 Pantera.  

1974+ Pantera Color PDF File 2mg

Front section drawings put together by Ken Green

 Front section early PDF File .8mg
 Front section late PDF File 1.5mg

Wiring Color Code Decoder 

Italian  English  Symbol  
Rosa  Pink P
Rosso  Red  R
Arancio Orange  O
Giallo Yellow Y
Verde  Green G
Blu Chiaro Light Blue LB
Blu Blue B
Viola Violet V
Bianco White  W
Marrone Brown  BR
Grigio  Gray  GY
Nero  Black  BK

Component Images By Mike Dailey and Bill Taylor

Taylor Fuse Block 1.jpg (75296 bytes) Taylor Fuse Block 2.jpg (75228 bytes)

Fuse Block - Front and back view

Pantera Relays 1971 main.jpg (115991 bytes)

Main under dash relay panel for a 1971 car, serial number 1887 

relays late.jpg (98315 bytes)

Main relay panel on driver side for late Pantera 

Ammeter Wiring.jpg (86194 bytes)

Amp gauge wiring

Fuel Gauge Wiring.jpg (79178 bytes)

Fuel gauge wiring

Oil Pressure Gauge Wiring.jpg (104049 bytes)

Oil pressure gauge wiring

Water Temp Gauge Wiring.jpg (100439 bytes)

Water temp gauge wiring

Headlamp_Relay.jpg (64123 bytes)

Headlamp Relay wiring

Pantera ground stud.JPG (71666 bytes)

Under dash ground stud.
 (Image by John Taphorn)