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The best place to find Pantera technical information is the quarterly Pantera International Magazine, the quarterly Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) magazine, the Pantera Owners Club of America (POCA) monthly newsletter, the Pantera technical manuals and the Pantera parts and service vendors.  See the web links page for joining the Pantera clubs and contacting Pantera vendors and the book page for the technical manuals.  The technical information manual, technical service bulletins, illustrated parts manual and owners manual are must have items for working on your Pantera.


Air Conditioning and Heating System

Air Conditioning System Upgrade   Installing System Pressure Switch
Heater Shut Off Valve   Heater Valve Repair 
Dashboard Removal  Heater/AC Box Removal 
A/C Condenser Fan Relay Time Delay Drop Out  


Body and Doors 

Lower Front Valance Replacement    Water And The Pantera
Corrosion    Power Window Gear 
The Spring In The Door Side Marker Lights  
Clay Bar Treatment    Converting L Bumpers To Pre L  
Headlight Bucket Locking Mechanism Replacing Door Cat Whiskers   
Underside Body Cleaning and Detailing  L Front Bumper Repair 
Aerostar Prower Window Motor Conversion Taurus Power Window Motor Conversion
Door Windows Which Go Fully Down 1971 Pantera Bumpers
The Pantera Chassis Brace System Using Auto Air Water Based Paint
Windshield Wiper Motor Cover Modification PI Motorsports Door Handle Tubs
Dent Wizard Pantera Paint Information
Deck Lift Struts  Door Opening Weather Strip 


Cooling System

Changing Coolant Hoses   Balancing Cooling Fans



Engine Ground Strap Pantera Starting Problems  
Power Window Switches Dim Tail Lights 
Vortex Champion Battery   Make The Side Marker Light Blink  
Electrical Diagrams  Headlight and Fan Relay Mod 
Wiring You Do Not Want    Cooling Fan Relay Mod (71 cars) 
Installing Mike Drew's Headlight Relay Modification  Cooling Fan Motor Refurbish 
Installing Euro Disk Type Horns   Changing the Alternator 
Marchal E2 Amplilux Headlights Surecare Battery Maintainer
Pantera MP3 and WMA Audio  Meriah Cooling fans   
Pantera XM Satellite Radio   Pantera Ammeter
Ignition Switch Repair Push Button Starter
Repairing Ignition Switch Terminals Water Temperature Gauges
Tachometer & Speedometer Replacement   VDO Oil Pressure Gauge
Key Warning Chime Ignition switch By-pass 
Ignition Switch Controller   Headlight and Motor Controller
Radiator Fan Controller Console Switch Controller
ATO Fuse Panel   LED Tail Light Conversion
Handsfree Phone Options Battery Relocation
Console Switch Repair (PDF Doc) Trim Screw Electrical Short 

351 Cleveland Engine

351 Cleveland Engine Stuff    Sticky Throttle Cable
High Temperature Paint   Crankcase Ventilation
Pantera Tune-up Ideas   Dual Point Distributors
Electronic Fuel Injection Replacing 351 Cleveland Hydraulic Lifters 
Engine Removal & Install Brackets 351C 4-V Marketing Manual
Modifying an Accel 30202 Distributor for a Pertronix Ignitor III   Replacing the Holley 600 with 650
Replacing Valve Covers   Timing At The Flywheel
MSD 8.5mm Sparkplug Wires  

Cardone ProTech IDing Distributors PDF

Intake Gasket Repair  

Exhaust Systems

ANSA Exhaust System and Hall Pantera Headers   


Fuel System

Changing the Fuel Filler Hose (MS Word document format)    Holley 600  Fuel Leak Danger   



Corvette Seats   

Trunk Insert Repair
Headliner Replacement  Trunk Liner Felt
Gear Shift Knob Carpet Dying
The Firewall Cover Headrest Repair
Loose Armrest Seat Repair



Maintenance and Safety Inspections Indoor Wintertime Storage
Detailing Your Pantera
Changing The Engine Oil 


The Need For Speed Pantera Simulation  
An interesting technical document hand written by de Tomaso of America. 2.5 meg PDF. This document was given to the first owner of Pantera #1365 used in the Hawaii 5-0 series.  Currently owned by Dennis Yogi.   Visit Dennis's website to learn more about #1365.  


Pantera Ownership 

The First Year With #1887 Pantera ID Plate Information
The Second Year With #1887   VIN Shield 
The Third Year With #1887  Ideas on Automotive Caravanning
The Fourth Year With #1887 Pantera Insurance 
The Fifth Year With #1887 Creating A Records Manual 
The Sixth Year With #1887  Books
The Seventh Year With #1887   Pantera's Little Oddities 
The Years Eight through Ten With #1887 Garage Door Springs
The Evolution of #1887 Pantera Reliability  
Buying A Pantera  Pantera Restoration Ideas
Popular Mechanics Million Dollar Car Test   The Worldwide de Tomaso Registry 

Panteras Under Construction

Dick Koch's Twin Turbo Pantera   Geoffrey Thomas' Pantera 
Bill Grable's Pantera     Tony Fasola's Pantera
Cal Eustaquio's Pantera       
Kelly Coffield's Pantera  


Technical Resources

Richard Barkley's Parts List    

Bill Taylorís Gear Head Information Database  

View with Microsoft Excel  View with Microsoft Excel (click view with Excel or download to your computer, file size 1 meg)
 A fabulous resource on where to find stuff for your Pantera


 Specifications and Performance 

Pantera Specifications      Pantera Models 1971 - 1996  
Pantera Driving Impressions  Amerisport GT5-S Pantera 
Pantera Modifications   GT5 Pantera 
GTS Pantera  

Suspension, Steering and Brakes

The Suspension & Brake System   Replacing A Arm Bushings   
Brake System Shuttle Valve  Rebuilding The Back Suspension 
 Adjusting Bump Steering    Replacing Brake Fluid and Bleeding 
Steering Column Support Pantera Handbrake  
Steering Column Clamp Steering Rack Mount
Power Brake Booster Vacuum Reservoir Pantera Brake Proportioning Valve
Ball Joint Removal Tool Rack Rebuild and Bushing Install
Installing The Koni Coilover System Rebuilding The Steering Column
A-Arm Bushings Removal 
(Using A Portable Press)
A-Arm Bushings Removal 
(Using A Vise)
Pantera East Anti-sway Bar Bushings Brake Calipers
Bendix Brake Master Cylinder  


Transaxle and Clutch 

Resealing & Filling The ZF Transaxle Pantera Hydraulic Clutch System 
Pantera Gear Calculator and ZF 6 Speed  Clutch Free Play Adjustment 
Rebuilding The Clutch Master  Inside The ZF Transaxle

Removing Shifter Detent

Lubing the ZF Selector
Inboard U-Joint Bolt Removal  Removing Rattle From Shifter


Stripped Out Sheet Metal Screw Threads Vitaloni Mirrors  
Trim Pieces    


Pantera tools 

Essential Tool Kit

Pantera Jacking System 

Threaded Insert Tool 


Wheels and Tires

Campagnolo Magnesium Wheels    Selecting Tires For Your Pantera 
Refinishing Campagnolo Wheels New Wheels & Tires  
Pantera East Campy Like Wheels  Wheel Alignment 
2005 Pantera East Billet Wheels Mounting and Balancing Tires